Plus a highway link to their record (form)

The following section is a convenient listing, including sire, plus it provides access to the record (form), together with other details, of each horse. Just click on the name then choose 'Search Form' and enter the horse's name in the box at the Racing Australia site that opens in a new window.

Active horses are those whose names are registered who are in work, spelling or being prepared to race. Consider 'Active' to mean 'Not Retired'.

New horses are added sometime after their name is registered and retirees are taken off this listing when time is called, so changes occur fairly regularly.

Best achievements mentioned. Look at how many winners! Last update 29 January, 2019. E&OE.

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The links to display 'Horse Form' link to the Racing Australia website which opens in a new window where you can enter your (or any) horse's name and search 'Horse Form'.

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