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    "Since responding to a Prime Thoroughbreds (PT) advert in early 2010 I have been involved with seven syndicates. With the exception of one as yet unraced two year old all horses have raced with four of them multiple winners. Clearly the ability of PT to select reasonably priced hoses that get to the racetrack is in my view a major attraction to being involved in PT syndications. Regular communications and updates is a feature and the opportunity to mix with other syndicate members particularly to share in ‘that winning feeling’ has made involvement with PT extremely enjoyable.”

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      "I have been a client of Joe O'Neill since 2002. Joe runs a great operation and it has been a wonderful way to become involved. It was hard not to be excited when my horse, Too Many Reds, ran on Melbourne Cup day with Glen Boss aboard. If he'd won, there would have been way too many."

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        "I first became involved with Prime in 1998 and was in many syndicates after that time. I am not involved at present but there is no doubt when I start up again it will be Prime. I have kept abreast of what other syndicators offer but Joe O'Neill has the ability to look after horses in five states, not easy. I know him well and recommend him most highly. His ability to run Prime like a well oiled machine is first class."

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          "Having always loved racing I entered my first venture by buying a share in two horses with Joe O’Neill (Prime Thoroughbreds) in 1997. Both horses went on to win races in Sydney, as the years went on I purchased several horses with Prime Thoroughbreds and we have gone on to win races in four states. Joe chose all the horses meticulously and I even went on to breed city winners from three of the mares we raced. Joe was always willing to confide and offer his advice which had made the journey an enjoyable experience. I still enjoy racing today thanks to Joe O’Neill and Prime Thoroughbreds."

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            "I have been involved in racing for nearly 30 years and had many horses with Prime. Joe O'Neill runs this operation like no other; his communication is the best I have ever received. If you want to get involved in owning a racehorse, do it with Prime."

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              "I've been with PT for 3 years now and my experience has been fantastic. Honest, transparent and value for money partnership is what you want then look no further than PT. Best trainers and top class results with bargain buys sums up my experience. I will be on the look out for next year yearlings offering!"

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          "I have been associated with Joe and prime since 1999 and what a ride it has been. I have always had horses in work and racing and Joe's hands on approach has been tremendous. I have had a lot of exciting times with these horses Zedatzi, Rose of Scotland and now Husson Eagle. Joe, let the good times keep rolling on its a pleasure to be dealing and associated with you and Maree."

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            "The irrepressible Joe O'Neill renewed my interest in horse racing ownership back in 1999 with the purchase of a first season sires progeny that became the very well performed Polish the Silver ($110,000 in prize money as a 2 Y O maiden) and (3 wins), 2 in the Brisbane Winter Carnival. My previous involvement in another syndication company resulted in 1 second and 1 third and a bad taste due to poor communication among other short comings. My dealings with Joe have always been positive, accurate and timely. Since those early days I have taken shares in Canchita (3 wins) and Stimuli (2 wins including a Sydney metropolitan win) and possibly another share soon. I have also referred Prime to friends and family as I am confident they will have a fabulous racing experience as I have."

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