Prime Legalities

Horse racing syndication requires the syndicator to be licensed in most cases

Our company operates strictly within legal and ethical boundaries.

Some processes my seem a bit cumbersome to new clients. However, we have been doing this for a long time now.

All we ask is that you stay patient. Please read and understand the forms that we are required to send you. Ask us any questions.

Please return the forms as soon as you can. If interest in a horse is high, we often send out many more information packs than there are shares. Shares are limited to twenty. It is not possible to 'reserve' a share in a horse indefinitely. So it may become a case of 'first in, best dressed'. However, we are continuously buying at the sales so there is always the 'next one'. That could well be a horse of the calibre of Husson Eagle.

Process of Purchasing a share in a Prime Thoroughbreds Horse

Step 1: Peruse this site. Do your homework / due diligence.

Step 2: Enquire by email, the enquiry form or by phone and ensure that a share is 'earmarked' for you.

Step 3: Request an 'Information Pack'. This contains a welcome letter, the disclosure document, the pedigree, veterinary report, authority for Prime to act on your behalf to register the horse and other pertinent information. It is the information contained in the pack that you must rely upon; not this website.

Step 4: Suggest a name for the horse. This can be a bit tricky as history indicates that not all owners will agree and the name may not be approved by the Registrar of Racehorses anyway. Sometimes, Prime has to push things along.

Step 5: Return the documents requested with your cheque or evidence of bank transfer.

Step 6: You are on the way to enjoy the thrills and spills of racehorse ownership for the first time or once again. The process is the same for all horses as required by the AFS Licence (see next section).

AFS Licence and our Financial Services Guide

Joseph O'Neill has held an Australian Financial Services Licence since February 21st, 2003. The licence is issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission . The licence clearly states the authorisation to deal in managed investment schemes limited to horse racing.

Download the AFS licence by clicking here.

Download the Financial Services Guide by clicking here.

Privacy Policy

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Website Disclaimer

The publishers and producers give no representations and make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, integrity, quality, completeness, currency, reliability, usefulness, or value of any of the material contained in this website or how any information is used.

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Website Licensing

This website is based on from a Licensed Design template purchased from the Envato Market The design is 'Horseman - Horse Riding School'.

It has been composed and adapted by Peter Selleck of Elevanto

Peter has been associated with Prime as an owner or supplier (sometimes both) of Prime since 2002.

Peter, as Webmaster and an account holder with the Envato Market, holds the licence on behalf of Prime who has purchased same.

You can download the licence by clicking here.


Prime respects the intellectual property rights of others, and requires that those people or organisations who use this site, or the services or features made available on or through this site, do the same.

Some racing images on this site are © from Bradley Photographers, Slickpix, Racing photos and others. They are supplied with permission and for web use only. Some images free from Pixabay or supplied by Joe O'Neill or others.

It is the case for ALL images on this site that all images are not to be copied, printed or distributed in any other form without express consent. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.