We race in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.
Our owners love to attend the races. Why not join them?


    The process of purchasing a share in a Prime Thoroughbreds horse.

    Step 1.

    Peruse this site. Do your homework / due diligence. As horses become available, they will be displayed below.

    Step 2.

    Enquire by email, the enquiry form or by phone and ensure that a share is ‘earmarked’ for you.

    Step 3.

    Request an ‘Info Pack’. This contains a welcome letter, the disclosure document, the pedigree, veterinary report, authority for Prime to act on your behalf to register the horse and other pertinent information.

    Step 4.

    Suggest a name for the horse. This can be a bit tricky as history indicates that not all owners will agree and the name may not be approved by the Registrar of Racehorses anyway. Sometimes, Prime has to push things along.

    Step 5.

    Return the documents requested with your cheque or evidence of bank transfer.

    Step 6.

    You are on the way to enjoy the thrills and spills of racehorse ownership for the first time or once again. The process is the same for all horses as required by the AFS Licence.

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